NOMIEX-7 HN QIUHOU : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location (  Ex-7HN Behind the Ball QIUHOU – Acupuncture Points ) On the lower border of the orbit, at the junction of the lateral quarter and the medial three quarters. How to find Divide the horizontal extension of the diameter of the orbit in quarters. Then locate the point at the junction of the first and second lateral quarters, slightly superior to the border of the orbit. Needling Ask the patient to look upward and gently push the eyeball upward, away from the lower eyelid. Slowly insert the needle 0.5–1 cun into the fatty tissue immediately above the bone (orbit). Caution: Do not injure the eyeball and the periosteum. Avoid the venous plexus and arteries! Pay attention to any pain from needling. No needle manipulation! After removal of the needle, compress the site for 10 minutes. Haematomas may still occur (inform the patient prior…

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