NOMIEX-9 HN NEIYINGXIANG : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location (  Ex-9HN Inner Yingxiang NEIYINGXIANG – Acupuncture Points ) In the nasal cavity, at the junction of the nasal bone and the nasal cartilage. How to find This point lies ‘opposite’ the external point ➞ Ex-8HN (shangyingxiang or bitong), which is located at the upper end of the nasolabial groove. Needling Prick to bleed with a needle, lancet or three-edged needle. Caution: Contraindicated in patients with bleeding disorders (or taking anticoagulants). Needling may be painful! Actions/Indications ● Clears Heat, drains Fire FUNZIONI CLINICA COMBINAZIONI BIBLIOGRAFIA [/protected]…

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