Ex-7 LE

NOMIEx-7 LE LANWEI : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location (  Ex-7LE Appendix Point LANWEI – LANWEIXUE ) On the ST channel of the right leg, the most tender point approximately 2 cun distal to ➞ 36ST . How to find Locate this point on the right leg only (this corresponds to the unilateral location of the appendix on the abdomen). First, locate ➞ 3 cun inferior to the knee joint space (➞ 35ST ) and 1 cun lateral to the anterior crest of the tibia. Then continue to palpate along the ST channel for approximately 2 cun (towards ➞ 37ST , 3 cun inferior to ➞ 36ST) and locate Ex-7LE (lanweixue) on the most tender point. Needling Vertically 1–1.5 cun Actions/Indications ● Activates the Qi and Blood flow in the Large Intestine, clears Heat and Heat toxins from the Large Intestine FUNZIONI CLINICA COMBINAZIONI BIBLIOGRAFIA [/protected]…

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