Ex-6 LE

NOMIEx-6 LE DANNANG : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location ( Ex-6LE Gall Bladder Point DANNANG – DANNANGXUE – DANNANGDIAN ) On the G.B. channel of the right leg, approximately 1–2 cun distal to ➞ 34GB , palpate for the most tender point. How to find First, locate ➞ 34GB on the right leg: locate the head of the fibula on the lateral aspect of the leg (where the seam of the trousers would be) and hold it with the index and middle fingers (as with tweezers). By gliding distally with both fingers, the index finger will come to rest in a depression directly inferior and anterior to the head of the fibula (➞ 34GB). From there, continue to palpate slowly along the G.B. channel, until you find the most tender point approximately 1–2 cun inferior to ➞34GB. This is the location of Ex-6LE (dannangxue). Needling Vertically 1–1.5 cun Actions/Indications ● Clears Heat and…

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