NOMIEX-6 HN ERJIAN : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location (  Ex-6HN Tip of the Ear ERJIAN – Acupuncture Points ) On the apex of the ear, on the helix. How to find Fold the ear anteriorly, so that the posterior portion of the upper helix covers its anterior part. The point is located at the highest point of the fold. This is also the location of the auricular point 78. Needling Vertically 0.1–0.2 cun. Some authors advise to bleed this point for Heat conditions, but this is not recommended owing to the danger of causing an otic haematoma. Indirect moxibustion for vision disorders. Actions/Indications ● Clears Heat, alleviates pain, benefits the eyes and the throat FUNZIONI CLINICA COMBINAZIONI BIBLIOGRAFIA [/protected]…

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