NOMIEX-2 HN DANGYANG : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location (  Ex-2HN Above the Yang DANGYANG – Acupuncture Points ) With the patient looking straight ahead, vertically above the pupil, 1 cun above the anterior hairline. How to find In patients with a receding hairline, the original hairline can often be recognized by a change in skin texture. Location help (➞ 3.1.1): Ask the patient to frown, as this often reveals the site of the original hairline. Ask the patient to look straight ahead, then locate Ex-2HN by measuring 1 cun from the hairline, on a vertical line through the pupil. ➞ is also located on the pupil line (on the lower border of the frontal eminence). Located on the same level (1 cun above the hairline) are ➞ 5BL (more medial, 1.5 cun from the anterior midline) and ➞ 23Du (on the anterior midline). Needling 0.5 cun transversely (subcutaneously) towards the…

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