NOMIEX-1 HN SISHENCONG : LOCALIZZAZIONE [protected] Location (  Ex-1HN Four Alert Spirit SISHENCONG – Acupuncture Points ) A group of four points, each located 1 cun from ➞ 20Du (anterior, posterior and lateral) (➞ 3.1.1). How to find First, locate ➞ 20Du on the highest point of the head, at the junction of a line connecting the apices of the ears and the vertical midline. Alternative location method: Locate ➞20Du 5 cun superior to the anterior and 7 cun superior to the posterior hairline. Ex-1HN (sishencong) forms a star-shaped group of points around ➞ 20Du: two points are located at a distance of 1 cun each on the du mai, whereas the other two are located 1 cun each from ➞ 20Du in a lateral direction. Needling 0.5–1 cun obliquely towards ➞ 20Du Actions/Indications ● Calm the shen ● Alleviate pain ● Calm Wind ● Benefit the eyes and ears…

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